TMJ Treatment From Your Dentists in Somerville

If you're experiencing jaw pain, clicking or popping sounds when you move your mouth, or headaches, you may be suffering from TMJ (temporomandibular joint disorder), a condition that affects the joints that connect your lower jaw to your skull. At Middlecoff Dental Group in Somerville, we’ve helped many patients who experience TMJ relieve their pain and protect their smiles.

TMJ can be caused by several things, including clenching or grinding the teeth, misalignment of the teeth or jaw, arthritis, and even stress. While there is no one-size-fits-all solution for TMJ, there are multiple treatments that can help relieve the symptoms and improve your quality of life.

One common treatment for TMJ is the use of a bite guard, also called a splint. A bite guard is a durable, custom-made mouthpiece that patients wear at night to keep their teeth from coming into contact with each other. This can help prevent further damage to the joint and allow the muscles and ligaments to heal. Wearing a bite guard can also help prevent damage to teeth caused by repetitive clenching and grinding.

In cases where the pain is more severe, it may be recommended that patients undergo physical therapy or injections of Botox to help relax the muscles. Surgery is also an option, but it is often recommended as a last resort.

If you're suffering from TMJ, don't wait to get treatment. The sooner you start, the better your chances are of finding relief and avoiding further damage. Call us today for a consultation!

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