Tooth-Colored Fillings From Your Dentists in Somerville

If you're experiencing tooth decay and are looking for a way to correct it while maintaining your smile aesthetic, we encourage you to talk to our team at Middlecoff Dental Group in Somerville about whether tooth-colored fillings may be right for you.

What are tooth-colored fillings?

Tooth-colored fillings (also known as composite fillings) are made from a resin material that can be matched to the color of your tooth. They're also sometimes called white fillings or tooth-colored bonding.

What benefits do they offer?

There are many benefits that come with tooth-colored fillings in comparison to other types of fillings, such as amalgam (silver) or gold fillings.

Aesthetics is one of the primary benefits. Because tooth-colored fillings can be customized to the exact color of your tooth, they're less noticeable than amalgam fillings. Another benefit is that tooth-colored fillings don't require as much tooth removal as amalgam fillings, meaning that more of your natural tooth structure can be preserved. Tooth-colored fillings also bond directly to your tooth, which helps support your tooth and prevent further tooth decay.

Who is an ideal candidate for treatment?

The best candidates for tooth-colored fillings are patients who have small areas of tooth decay. While they can be used on larger cavities, we encourage you to talk to us about whether this material is right for your molars.

How long do tooth-colored fillings last?

With proper care, tooth-colored fillings can last for many years. Be sure to brush and floss regularly and see us at least twice a year for checkups and cleanings to keep them in top form.

If you’re curious about tooth-colored fillings or suspect they may be right for you, call us today!

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  • Benefit from a restorative material that matches your tooth shade
  • Maintain your smiling and speaking confidence
  • Minimize the amount of enamel removed with this filling material
  • Have your damaged tooth restored quickly
  • Prioritize your oral health!

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